Aubrey Rose OBE CBE DUniv

Solicitor, environmentalist, human rights activist, author, spiritual seeker in the world of the spirit.

Aubrey Rose has distilled the essence of his experience, philosophy and imagination into these wonderful books...

The spiritual autobiography of Aubrey Rose

Uplifting. A beautiful book
Dr L M Singhvi

Amusing, poignant, always absorbing. An admirable work, it will grace my shelves
Sir Kenneth Corfield
Lawyers and non-lawyers alike will find this a source of enormous enjoyment
Lord Woolf
Arieh Handler's devotion to Jewish and Zionist causes, his high sense of responsibility and his high ethical standards have inspired generations.

Sir Martin Gilbert
Rarely, if ever, does one get the opportunity to peep into another human being's deepest emotions. Aubrey, with his typical generosity, gives us this opportunity

Lady Jakobovits

Aubrey Rose guides the reader with humour, wisdom and enthusiasm through the age-old ecological teachings of the Jewish faith. An excellent resource for study, discussion and practical action. Foreword by Dr Jonathan Sacks

Edited by Aubrey Rose

This is a rare tale encompassing extremes of wealth and poverty, safety and terror, glowing health and despairing illness, played out against the sombre background of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the grim era of Nazi madness

Edited by Aubrey Rose

The descendant of a famous religious teacher, Ruth Grant overcame depression and hopelessness and felt inspired to look much deeper and seek for truth. Her journey led her to famous teachers, gurus, and finally to the remarkable Sai Baba

Edited by Aubrey Rose

Spiritual Healing

A New Frontier in Medicine

Can Spiritual Healing legitimately work with modern medicine?

Current British research suggests that spiritual healing could revolutionize medicine as we know it.

Producer Dena Barnett’s personal journey across Europe and America offers a fresh perspective on what constitutes healing.

Aubrey is one of the healers appearing in this film

Please visit: Spiritual Healing - A New Frontier

Sea Olympics

A Children's Story

Sea Olympics is a beautifully presented, large-format children's picture book with the sea creatures taking part in events such as the camouflage competition, the high jump out of the water, the slow movers’ race and the seaweed relay. Illustrated by Elisabeth Newson