This light-hearted autobiography tells the story of

Aubrey Rose,son of immigrants, who became advisor to Governments
and Prime Ministers.

Honoured with OBE, CBE, Honorary Doctorate, the writer held significant public, communal and international offices,

worked enthusiastically as environmentalist, lawyer, author, inter-faith leader,

human rights activist, gardener, humourist (hopefully) and

seeker into the world of the spirit.

Aubrey Rose is the advocate your would want on your side. As important as the undoubted brilliance of his legal judgement is his enormous humanity. I think that is what I have admired most about him. It is probably impossible to find a kinder, more insightful, more gentle man. Those qualities combine to make him much sought after in a variety of international and domestic policy areas in which he has served with great distinction. He deserves our respect for all that he has accomplished and our congratulations for this book.

Sir Trevor McDonald OBE

That so much can be encompassed in one man's life is difficult to comprehend. Amusing, poignant, always absorbing. An admirable work, it will grace my shelves and be read again and again.

Sir Kenneth Corfield - scientist, industrialist, inventor

What a wonderful narrative. I feel envious of all the blessings the good lord has bestowed upon you. I feel privileged to have known you.

Lord Amir Bhatia OBE

I read your manuscript with great joy. Congratulations on a witty and touching story.

Erich Segal - celebrated author and academic

Thank you for giving me the privilege of reading your fascinating manuscript. What an eventful intercontinental life and how well you tell it.

Sir Sigmund Sternberg KCSG - inter faith leader

There is humour, wit and wisdom in your upright person who is brother of all peoples, all cultures, religions and beliefs. Had you been in India you would have become by now a great Guru. Inspiring.

Roman Halter - artist and holocaust survivor

Neither my wife nor I could put it down. It was so fascinating and gripping...a magical ability or transport the reader.

Professor JL Gross - Emeritus Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia

A glimpse of a whole world, a glittering kaleidoscope of places, peoples, faiths, culture and fun, moved by the energy or an enormous zest for life.

Dr Heather Allan

An inspiring book. Aubrey's love for humanity and the delight and pleasure he derives from helping people shines through these pages.

Ben Helfgott MBE Chairman '45 Aid Society

Your book was a joy to read. You are a rainbow man.

Jennifer Boroda

What an exquisitely chosen title. As the rainbow beams its many colours in harmony and promise, so does Aubrey's well-told life reveal a striking array of roles in pursuit of principle, equity and social development.

Israel Finestein QC - judge and historian

Aubrey has been able in a masterly fashion to convey the notion of what it means to be a true beautiful human being.

Lady Amelie Jakobovits

The Rainbow Never Ends: The Autobiography of Aubrey Rose - Lennard Publishing 2006 Available at Amazon