Schindler, Wallenberg, Foley - They all saved lives. Jewish lives.

Arieh Handler did that and more

Born in 1915, lived in Magdeburg, later in Frankfurt, Germany, settled in England 1939, made aliyah to Israel, present at Declaration of Israel's Independence 1948, active world-wide on behalf of his fellow Jews, based in England 1956 - 2006, returned to Israel. Married for 66 years to Henny, with two sons Danny and Gaby. A true 'mensch' and much more.

Rescued his fellow Jews from Germany, Europe, Displaced Persons camps, Ethiopia, North Africa and the Soviet Union. Founded, helped to found, worked tirelessly in many organisations including Youth Aliyah, Bachad, Bnei Akiva, Hapoel Hamizrachi, Association of Jewish Refugees, Kibbutz Lavi, Jewish Childs Day, Mizrachi, Jewish Council for Soviet Jewry, Board of Deputies of British Jews, etc. etc.

Foreword by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Introduction by Sir Martin Gilbert

Arieh Handler was truly a great man. His life was one of constant and unstinted service to others, to Jewish organisations too numerous to mention, to the State of Israel, to Jews afflicted throughout the world whom he helped to rescue, from Ethiopia to North Africa, from the survivors in Europe to the persecuted in the Soviet Union. Arieh was a modest man, a man of smiles, who sought nothing for himself but only the welfare of the Jewish people, based on his deep religious faith and learning.

Aubrey Rose

His devotion to Jewish and Zionist causes, his high sense of responsibility for his fellow Jews and his high ethical standards have inspired generations.

Sir Martin Gilbert PC, CBE, D. Litt.

His devotion of the children of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue is legendary.

Adrienne Sussman

A significant and memorable figure in the history of British Jewry.

Eldred Tabachnik Q.C.

A living symbol or the supreme effort to establish the State of Israel. Few can attain the heights of his contribution.

Professor Colin Shindler

One of the most colourful, enchanting and creative characters in the life of anyone who knew him.

Lady Jakobovits

A unique man, a joyful companion and colleague.

Lord Janner of Braunstone Q.C.

The founder father of Jewish Child's Day and a true inspiration.

Mrs Joy Moss

One of the great Jewish heroes of modern times.

Professor Geoffrey Alderman

One of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His life reflects the Jewish experience of the last 80 years.

Andrew Balcombe

His whole life was dedicated to the rescue of children, Russian Jews, and to the support of the State of Israel. A man of the highest integrity, courage and wisdom who has left an indelible mark on many people.

Ben Helfgott MBE

What an amazing man! - what an amazing life! His smiling face, his charm, his inner strength and his keen intellect have inspired all who know him. He has enriched our lives.

Henry Grunwald OBE Q.C.

Always a man of firm principle, a born conciliator. True to his name, Arieh has readily displayed the courage of a lion in upholding what he deemed to be right.

H. H. Israel Finestein Q.C.

Arieh Handler: Modest Jewish Hero - A tribute by Aubrey Rose - Lennard Publishing 2010. Available at Amazon