Sea Olympics

A children's book

by Aubrey Rose, Illustrated by Elisabeth Newson

Whilst the human Olympic Games takes place in London, another Olympics is taking place two miles off the coast of Cornwall - the Sea Olympics.

Sea Olympics by Aubrey Rose CBE, illustrated by Elisabeth Newson, is a fun children's picture book (ages 5 - 9) featuring the fittest and fastest animals from the five oceans of the world, who come together to compete for medals.

Like the London Olympics, security is taken very seriously with Sammy the Shark and Billy the Whale on constant watch - but only to keep their fellow fish safe from humans with their weapons and nets.

Entertaining, with informative and educational elements and beautifully illustrated, children are inspired by Danny the Dolphin, Sally the Snapper and their fellow sea creatures in competitive games such as the camouflage competition, the slow movers event and the relay race (passing on great clumps of seaweed).

In a letter to Aubrey Rose, Sebastian Coe KBE said; "I was pleased to hear that the Olympics have inspired you to write a children's book. As you may be aware, it is one of our aims to use the power of the Olympic and Paralympic games to inspire children and young people to choose sport, and so your book ties in well with what we are trying to achieve."

Sea Olympics by Aubrey Rose - Published by Chaville Press 2012. Available at Chaville Press