Without a university education, Aubrey Rose began his legal career as an articled clerk and set up his own practice with £250 given to him by his mother. His special blend of sympathy and understanding brought him a reputation that in turn attracted a wide range of clients from all walks of life and from various ethnic backgrounds. Shoplifters, diplomats, prime ministers,

entrepreneurs, kidnappers, Tamils, Muslims, Afro-Caribbeans, people of many races and creeds, all turned to Aubrey for help and received his total commitment.

The cases described in this book illustrate the amazing range of Aubrey Rose's practice. He appeared at the Scarman Enquiry into the Brixton riots, represented one of the Hosein brothers in the Muriel McKay kidnap case, helped to establish a committee of enquiry into the behaviour of the Government of Bangladesh and was adviser to the campaign to establish Britain's National Lottery.

Every new problem was tackled with an enthusiasm and integrity which further enhanced his reputation and which was to bring an OBE from the Barbados Government in 1986 and, in the 1997 Birthday Honours list, a CBE for services to community relations.

The relish with which Aubrey Rose has approached every case is echoed in his writing, which eloquently reflects his concern for the injustices of society and his deep understanding of the human problems he has encountered throughout his career.

Lawyers and non-lawyers alike will find this collection of 'encounters' a source of enormous enjoyment. That is certainly true in my case. Once I started on the trail of Aubrey Rose's account of his experiences of over 40 years of practice I could not stop until I came, with regret, to the end. His stories are irresistible, amusing and humane. Easy to read, they reveal a deep understanding of human nature.

Lord Woolf - Master of the Rolls, from his Foreword.

The striking features of this book are the lively simplicity of the author's style, the tremendous variety of situations and problems he has faced in his practice and the humanity, tolerance and common sense with which he has always tackled them.

Geoffrey Bindman - solicitor and visiting Professor of Law, London University

A wonderful collection of stories. They comprise a vibrant and sometimes moving account of an extraordinary solicitor's cases. Life at the cutting edge of human endeavour.

J Anthony Holland - former President, The Law Society

Aubrey Rose has delved into his long experience as a solicitor and presents therefrom a remarkable assembly of striking episodes. They are graphic, entertaining and instructive.

Israel Finestein - QC, judge and historian

What lifts this book high above others in this genre is a quality rarely found - deep human sympathy.

Gerda Charles - novelist and literary critic

Portrays the human face of the legal profession.

Amir Bhatia OBE, chairman the Forbes Trust and Project Fullemploy

This book is a wonderful and deft amalgam of autobiographical vignettes, followed by fascinating and unpredictable legal cases, and rounded off with neat and pellucidly true moral conclusions. I can see reviewers saying "knocks Mortimer into a cocked hat".

Martyn Goff OBE - former chairman, Book Trust

Review by Anna Dangoor at Book Review

Brief Encounters of a Legal Kind by Aubrey Rose - Lennard Publishing 1997 Available from Amazon