From Bitter Came Sweet - Ruth Grant

On the 11th July 1961 a dreadful car accident devastated my life, leaving me almost blind and disfigured.

Before that day my life had revolved around husband, children and the life of a wife and mother.

But the appalling result of the accident awakened within me the desire to look deeper, to ask questions as to who I was, where I was going and whether there was any meaning in life.

Thus my search began.

Ruth Grant is an unusual person. Her story is well worth reading. Her outlook is supremely positive. Those who have suffered and those who have not, can derive both comfort and inspiration from this story.

Aubrey Rose, Editor of the most beautiful and loving souls that I have met and am likely to meet. Her book reminds us as to what is really important in life. A fantastic read.

Matt Gluck, author

...a story of transformation of the human heart.

Air Chief Marshall N.C. Suri

What happens when someone in a fortunate and comfortable position hits a crisis of cruel magnitude? Some people become bitter, angry and disillusioned and surrender to a futile despair. Ruth was never bitter, and decided that she must ask questions of life and most importantly 'whether there was any meaning in life'. In that painfully critical search, she had to wander from her strong traditional moorings on the wider oceans of truth. Thus she turned to many sages including Sai Baba, a key influence in her spiritual, and indeed secular outlook, for no ideology or religion has the monopoly of truth.

She rigorously tested the truth of the proposition 'Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find'. The response was from a voice which told her, 'From bitter came sweet. Now that you have lost your beauty without, seek the beauty within.'

Ms. Grant gives us a most arresting account of her initially hesitant search for the Ultimate Truth and her final optimistic conclusions.

In her dedication Ruth quotes Sai Baba; 'There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one language, the language of the heart. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one God and he is omnipresent'.

Read From Bitter Came Sweet, and you will be a changed person. The endearing quality of Ruth's charming book is that she is never dogmatic, never claims to be a savant, she simply enunciates her own world-view with eloquent humility.

extracted from New World Newspaper 25 June 2005

From Bitter Came Sweet by Ruth Grant - Message Publications 2006. Available from Amazon or Pranasanayoga